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Albert started in construction at the age of 15. He worked for Hovsons Inc for over 12 years. Starting from the ground up. He worked side by side with stone masons. Then took the next progression into substructure framing and sheathing. Moving on from there he framed. Slowly as the years passed he worked with every trade until he decided on one that he wanted to study in. Al passed his 4 year training at a local Vocational technical school in New Jersey. Soon after he passed his masters certification and became licensed.
He has lived in various places in this country, from California, Arizona, Virginia. Studying how homes are built in different climates.
Al landed in New Orleans by accident. After viewing the devastation wrought by Katrina he felt the need to help. He came here originally to help as a linemen. 
He soon saw the need for animal rescue. ( The city had plenty of linemen )
He stayed at the Lamar Dixon Expo center in Gonzales and helped rescue dogs. Pitbulls to be exact.
For three months, he stayed in a tent and took the route from Gonzales to the lower 9th and other parishes. His understanding of construction paid off.
You see, these poor dogs had been terrified. Hiding under half collapsing houses.
 He recants one of his last rescues, whom he lovingly refers to as "Wedge". It took Al and two other gentlemen over 6 hours to shore up and dig under a badly damaged house. Mud covered and scared half to death. They did get Wedge out.

Al decided to stay in this city. He loved the architecture and charm of New Orleans. He worked tirelessly to help home owners rebuild their homes. ( Sometimes at no charge) . As far as the construction of the homes in this city, you could almost say he has seen it all. Even remodeling the 4th district police station along side Habitat for Humanity.
Al works with a purpose. He likes to see things back in their original state. You can see this in his art and in the photos of his work.

He is truly talented and dedicated.
He continues to rescue dogs.
Thank you for reading .

To see the scope of his work, please visit the Art work page and the photos page. From fine furniture ,Jewelry, custom bikes and, a wide variety of other mediums. His work is vast. "A true renaissance man". Quote from a customer,  - Carole N.

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