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Art Work


My Beautiful Wife. My inspiration for all I create.

The Good And the bad (SOLD)

Alas ( SOLD )

Vampire very early piece done in Arizona 08 $400

Make up tears ( NOT FOR SALE)


Commission Piece 

She warrior One of my early pieces 08 $ 375

Johnny Cash  $1200 ( sold )

Sugar skull $1200 ( sold )


Given to a very good friend.
Wood carvings and hand crafted furniture

Dragon carving $400.00 ( SOLD )

Commission Piece

Sofa/Hallway Table $675.00 ( not for sale. I decided to keep this )

Commission Piece (SOLD)

White wood butcher block $300.00 ( Sold)


Lord Of The Rings coffee table, Inlaid with 24 gold leaf and a solid hand made copper ring at the center $ 900.00

Love seat swing $325.00

Beginnings of a glow in the dark hallway table.

Board repaired and taking charge from the sun.

The shop was not very dark but, you can see the glow. It glows for about 8 hours.

Finished Prototype. Glow table. 5 ft long by 1 ft deep. 32 3/4inch tall.
I can build any size and am experimenting with colors. As of this date I can do cobalt blue,
Yellow green, Red and Orange. Please contact me if you are interested in having a piece made.  
This piece is for sale. $500.00

Entertainment Piece one of two ( SOLD )

Entertainment Piece two of two ( SOLD)

Fleur Table ( SOLD)

Refinished Piece.

Chair Before
Chair after.

Rehabbed table

Makeup table with led lighting.

Repaired Mantel.

18k with 8 .45ct Diamonds. ( Sold)

Raw silver from the furnace.

Raw silver worked. 2 .54ct diamonds and a nugget of 14k gold.

Prior to setting the stones.

Druzy crystals set in sterling silver with Blue topaz. ( Sold )

Another Druzy necklace early stage.

2nd Druzy complete. (Still for sale)

Druzy's done.

Simple Silver bracelet. ( Sold)

Star Sapphire Pendent in 14k white gold ( sold)

 4 pieces.

Massive Bullion necklace ( beginning )

Bullion Necklace completed. 10.635 Troy ounces.

Sterling pendants. (All Sold)

Platinum and a 5 ct Aquamarine surrounded with Diamonds. (Given to my bride as a gift)

On of a kind Pirate Doubloon. ( Given to a great little pup as a gift for his dog collar)

Custom Bikes

Boom Bike ( not yet finished)

Taxi Bike ( made for a friend )

Little Trike I found in the garbage. ( before )
After. ( Sold in 10 hours from completion )


Odds and Ends

Ceiling medallion painted to match a fixture (Sold)

Restored Floor lamp.

Leather jackets ( Gift for a friend)

One on the left... Will never be for sale, I will be buried in this)

Paintings and sculptures

Original art work (Sold at auction)

Personal piece ( NOT FOR SALE)

My significant Otter $650 ( Just sold)


Timer keeper, Inlaied with antique watch pieces $700.00 ( Sold)

Both pieces sold at auction


Guardian $700

The Crayola line. 20 pieces made over the summer. All sold
 ( Please note, not all 20 pieces shown)






The artist, Albert
Thank you for visiting.