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Art Work

To an artist, a work in progress is more important than any of his past accomplishments. The task at hand is where energy flows and where all past failures and successes intersect to mark new growth.

A commission piece . 8x11 $375 with frame $425

8x11 $375

The Good And the bad (SOLD) $375

Alas ( SOLD )$375

Vampire very early piece done in Arizona 08 $425 Sold

Make up tears ( NOT FOR SALE)


Commission Piece  8x11 $375 (SOLD)

She warrior One of my early pieces 08 $ 375

Johnny Cash  $1200 ( sold )

Sugar skull $1200 ( sold )

SOLD $375

Given to a very good friend.
Wood carvings and hand crafted furniture

Dragon carving $400.00 ( SOLD )

This is a drawing of a very dear friends mom. It was given as a gift. 5/15

Commission Piece

Sofa/Hallway Table $1675.00 ( not for sale. I decided to keep this )

Commission Piece (SOLD) $1450.00

White wood butcher block $300.00 ( Sold)

SOLD $1450

Lord Of The Rings coffee table, Inlaid with 24 gold leaf and a solid hand made copper ring at the center $ 900.00

Love seat swing $325.00

Beginnings of a glow in the dark hallway table.

Board repaired and taking charge from the sun.

The shop was not very dark but, you can see the glow. It glows for about 8 hours.

Finished Prototype. Glow table. 5 ft long by 1 ft deep. 32 3/4inch tall.
I can build any size and am experimenting with colors. As of this date I can do cobalt blue,
Yellow green, Red and Orange. Please contact me if you are interested in having a piece made.  
This piece is for sale. $500.00 (SOLD)

Entertainment Piece one of two ( SOLD )

Entertainment Piece two of two ( SOLD)

Fleur Table ( SOLD)

Refinished Piece.

Chair Before
Chair after.

Rehabbed table

Makeup table with led lighting. ( SOLD)

Repaired Mantel. (SOLD)

18k with 8 .45ct Diamonds. ( Sold)

Raw silver from the furnace.

Raw silver worked. 2 .54ct diamonds and a nugget of 14k gold. (SOLD)

Prior to setting the stones.

Druzy crystals set in sterling silver with Blue topaz. ( Sold )

Another Druzy necklace early stage.

2nd Druzy complete. (Still for sale)

Druzy's done. (SOLD)

Simple Silver bracelet. ( Sold)

Star Sapphire Pendent in 14k white gold ( sold)

 4 pieces.

Massive Bullion necklace ( beginning )

Bullion Necklace completed. 10.635 Troy ounces. ( SOLD)

Sterling pendants. (All Sold)

Platinum and a 5 ct Aquamarine surrounded with Diamonds. (SOLD)

Custom Bikes

Boom Bike I do not have updated photos of this. It has (SOLD)

Taxi Bike ( made for a friend )

Little Trike I found in the garbage. ( before )
After. ( Sold in 10 hours from completion )


Odds and Ends

Ceiling medallion painted to match a fixture, made by mistake

Medallion , with fixture, a total mistake.

Restored Floor lamp.

Leather jackets ( Gift for a friend)

One on the left... Will never be for sale, I will be buried in this)

Paintings and sculptures

Original artwork (Sold at auction) $2350

Original artwork  ( Sold at auction) $1880

My significant Otter $1650 ( Just sold)


Timer keeper, Inlaied with antique watch pieces $700.00 ( Sold)

Both pieces sold at auction


Guardian Hanging in the ladies room at the Old Point Bar

The Crayola line. 20 pieces made over the summer. All sold
 ( Please note, not all 20 pieces shown)






The artist, Albert
Thank you for visiting.